Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Flickr Favorites

A63581_28 Untitled Untitled Wilder and Jessy 3 L'avion 122:365 - line up

I'm having one of those days (um, weeks really) where I just need to look at happy pretty things.

(Click on photos to go directly to sources.)


  1. I'd say the first photo is really happy! I smiled at that one. I also thought the picture of the kids with the plane was lovely as well. Graphic (in a hand-drawn sort of way) and moving. I hope you continue to find little things that make you smile, and that the setting up of the home picks up and begins to go smoothly.

  2. Nice finds! I really like the BIG ice cream cone. Ice cream is always happy. And the plastic figures are really cute too. TFS!

  3. The parent and child & mommy and furbaby are both great :)

  4. nice picture finds! I love the baby picture. and the little toys.

  5. That first picture is adorable. Sometimes looking at pretty things can make everything better. Truly. :)

  6. I love the photograph of the gorgeous flowers & gray door! Thanks for posting :)
    - Jessica of The Doily Duck

  7. I hope you're seeking pretty things only because you're a little overwhelmed with the move, and nothing worse than that. :)

    That last picture is pretty funny: it makes feel like I'm about to get jumped by ponies and Hello Kitty!

  8. Such a good selection! I particularly love the shot with the giant glowing ice cream cone (never thought I'd see those words combined).

    Triple Thread