Monday, September 16, 2013

Today's Finds

Hand-stitched mountain note card by Sarah K. Benning

Silk drop brass necklace by Jessie Harris

Vintage Soviet alarm clock from MirTime

Pendleton wool pillow by Robin Cottage

Cool mountains tote bag by Hello Sleepywhale

Last weekend, the temperature dropped down a bit, and it was so nice to pull on a sweater before leaving the house, breathe in the cool air outside, and seek out pockets of nature here and there to spend some time. I've mentioned before that I'm an indoorsy girl at heart, but something about fall makes me want to get outside into nature and maybe even bring a little rustic, natural charm back into the house with me when I ultimately retreat.

All of these finds make me feel like I'm spending the weekend at a cozy cabin in the mountains somewhere with a large stack of books and good coffee and treeline vistas. :)


  1. That card is gorgeous, how much fun would it be to find that in your mailbox?

  2. Geometry note cards and mountain tote bags. Pointy, triangle things. BE STILL, MY HEART.

  3. That pillow and tote bag look awesome!!!


  4. Love love that pillow and the stitched card.

  5. Love that necklace...simple and versatile!

  6. Oh, that clock. Me likey.

    Isn't it the best feeling when you head outside and realize that you need to put on a jacket?

  7. I love that necklace! I'm more of an outdoorsy person myself, but I do like the thought of spending a fall day outside then retreating to a cozy cabin with books. :)