Friday, November 22, 2013

Presents to Myself and Crafty Things

Happy Friday, guys! Just wanted to share a few things I've purchased from fellow Etsy sellers and friends lately.

@crowninvisible Here are the cards! ❤
I ordered this card set from Marieken's Society6 shop. I wanted to see what Society6 cards looked like as I sell them too, and I'm happy to report that the print quality is excellent, the paper is quality stock, and they are quite large as well at 5x7". I've been sending more cards and letters recently and found that my stationary stash was looking a little pathetic. So I'll be on the lookout for more cute cards on Society6 and Etsy too.

@miloandmolly I wore my scarf today! (Please ignore my claw hand.) ☺
I got this adorable polka dot infinity scarf from Kristen's Etsy shop a couple of weeks ago and have already worn it several times. In my mind, polka dots go with everything, including other prints and patterns. The more the merrier. :) Also, I just noticed that the filter I used on my phone makes my eyes look brown. So weird! (They are really blue, if anyone's curious.)

Supplies for Santa's workshop have arrived.
Last but not least, I bought some felt from Benzie for Santa's workshop, a.k.a. me working 'round the clock sewing all the felt things. I'm trying to make as many things as I can for the holidays.

Lots of big things are happening in my corner of the world; how about you? Any big plans this weekend? I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! We are not traveling this year, which is a relief, but we'll still be plenty busy. Wishing you all a great weekend. :)
xo, Mary


  1. I love Kristen's scarves! I have one for me, and I'm giving two more as gifts for Christmas. Possibly three. It's like the accessory version of chips; I can't stop.

    Our weekend is going to mostly laundry and packing! We leave on Monday afternoon. :-)

  2. Love the scarf and the postcards! Can't wait to see all of the awesome felt goodies you create too. Have a great weekend!

  3. What things are happening??!!?? This past week and a half have been hectic. I've had major projects due and I'm just going insane. I finally get a little bit of a break after noon tomorrow. I just gotta push through the next 24hrs.

    We are actually traveling this year for Thanksgiving. We haven't traveled since 2008 for Thanksgiving. We are heading up to NY and NYC for Thanksgiving/Hanukkah.

  4. I was so excited about me first Society6 sale! I would love to see your new felt creations :-)

  5. Great new the scarf! Buying handmade is so much fun!
    I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week either! But I'm so glad my parents will be home :)

  6. love your iPhone cover and polka dot scarf :)